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Unified Management of Heterogeneous Resources

Unified management of all types of cloud resources

● Importing existing cloud resources in batches, automatically discovering new resources created from cloud platform console, and managing them in a unified manner.

Cloud-agnostic service orchestration helps deploy application workloads to any cloud platform according to strategies or business needs

Unique plug-in architecture and extensible components that can be used to extend orchestration capabilities to any cloud service that supports APIs

With a platform-agnostic single management portal, you can federate, orchestrate and analyze multi-cloud environments including private clouds, public clouds, container, x86 bare metal servers, SDN, SDS, and more

Manage and allocate multi-cloud resources through logical resource pools, and intelligently deploy and distribute workloads to meet your business needs

Multi-cloud resources bundling, intelligent management and deployment

● Resource pools can be globally shared or used only in specific departments or scenarios.

● You may set the number of cloud hosts, CPU, memory, storage, and other resource quotas.

● Specify the cloud resource consumption area that users can use, such as the network and storage of the private cloud, regions, availability zones, and VPCs of public cloud.

Automated and flexible deployment of workloads based on different policies such as capacity of resource pools,label, and price.

Resources Bundle

Kubernetes Management

Support one-click automated deployment of Kubernetes clusters

● Integrate VMware Harbor to provide secure enterprise-class image source services

● Provides CaaS. Users can self-apply for and deploy container resources while monitoring, updating the mirrors, etc.

Container deployment is easy to implement

One-click deployment and management of Kubernetes makes deploying containerized applications simpler and more efficient

Supports adding IP pools of multiple heterogeneous cloud platforms with 1-click, configuring and managing IP address segments and displaying them in a tree structure in the configuration interface. When resources are deployed, IP addresses are uniformly assigned to virtual machines of each cloud platform in order to bring smooth network services to resource deployment

Efficient management of IP addresses

View IP usage trends visually and allow manual release

● Support IP address conflict detection. Support IP address cooling period setting, retain for a period after IP is released, and then re-set it into the IP pool for allocation after the cooling period

● Support detailed log information inquiry for IP address usage


Cloud and Software-defined Network Integration

● Support mainstream SDN resources such as VMware NSX, Cisco ACI, F5 BIG-IP

● Unified management and orchestration of application software and network, and automate deployment and configuration according to polices defined

Break the barriers and realize network management automation

Help you achieve application-centralized network management and automation with unified blueprint orchestration of cloud hosts, applications, and SDN components

Ultimate control starts from here!
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