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About us

CloudChef is a leading provider of cloud management platforms dedicated to helping enterprises easily use and manage clouded IT resources. The flagship product SmartCMP is an application-centric next-generation cloud management platform that manages heterogeneous computing, network and storage resources in the data center and enables self-service delivery and control such as IaaS/IaaS+/PaaS. Manage & monitor all cloud workloads from a single console and track and optimize cloud utilizations and costs. The platform docks full line of products from VMWare, as well as mainstream private clouds, public clouds and containers at home and abroad, including OpenStack, K8S, AWS, Azure, Aliyun, Tencent Cloud, etc., and has powerful customized expansion capabilities.

Meanwhile, as a leading provider in the field of cloud management in China, CloudChef has cooperated extensively with manufacturers in the cloud computing industry, and has established cooperative relationships with VMware, Microsoft, Amazon, EMC, Dawning, EasyStack, and QingCloud to achieve the integration of products and solutions.

SmartCMP is based on application delivery. With leading blueprint orchestration technology, product architecture and powerful localization service capabilities, it has been delivered and successfully landed in government cloud, financial industry private cloud, large enterprise hybrid cloud/DevOps, carrier portal, Internet hybrid cloud/container cloud/big data platform, etc. Widely recognized by the market, CloudChef serves customers from the fields of banking, securities insurance, energy, automobile manufacturing, newspaper group, military, Internet finance, Internet education, medical, IT companies, etc., including BANK OF COMMUNICATION, STATE GRID, SHANGHAI EAST HOSPITAL, Yonyou, weaver, WELTMEISTER, etc.

The core team of CloudChef comes from well-known enterprises and institutions at home and abroad such as VMware, HP, EMC, Huawei, etc. Key technical employees have more than 10 years of product development and management experience in the enterprise cloud management field.

Headquartered in Shanghai, CloudChef also has offices in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Currently, it has obtained multiple rounds of investment from matrix PARTNER CHINA, YUNQI PARTNERS and CRYSTAL STREAM.


Founder and CEO of CloudChef, Fang has more than 15 years of experience in enterprise software development and management. As an expert in global cloud computing industry, he has deep technical accumulation in cloud computing and virtualization. He was the head of R&D of VMware China Cloud Management Division, the world's leading cloud computing company, and led the global R&D of various cloud computing products. He also held R&D management positions in multinational companies such as EMC/HP and technical directors of domestic listed companies.

From the Investors

With the increasing proportion of large-scale enterprises using hybrid clouds in China, YUNQI PARTNERS is very optimistic about the application prospects of hybrid cloud management platforms. The company's senior management team comes from VMware and has great technical advantages in finance and medium and large enterprises where VMware and hybrid clouds are mostly used. At the same time, hybrid cloud management is a very good entry point for large-scale enterprises’ IT governance. In the future, the product line can be further extended and become the Chinese version of ServiceNow.


Yunding Award—— World's Best Solution Award & Most Potential Enterprise Award

Yunfan Award —— The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Matrix Partners China Angel Investment


Yunqi Capital A Round Investment

China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition —— Corporate Excellence Award

Crystal Stream A-plus Round Investment

Shanghai  High-tech Enterprise in 2018

Trusted Cloud Multi-Cloud Management Platform Certification

"Entrepreneurship in Shanghai" 2017 —— Innovation and Entrepreneurship  Award

Road Of CloudChef
Ultimate control starts from here!
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