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Cloud Components

Any resource is a component object

● All resources are described by components. The components use a common, abstract model and adopt a unified data structure to achieve a complete modeling of enterprise IT resources.

● The platform has many types of out-of-the-box component resources built in, including IaaS, PaaS, containers, software, agents, and so on.

● Highly scalable. Users can easily add any cloud resource type to better support SmartCMP's ability to build XaaS.

Users can expand the capabilities of existing cloud resources as needed, including adding additional properties, scripts, operations and UI interactions of components, to meet complex deployment requirements and diverse business scenarios.

SmartCMP has the core ability to provide service for any resource, create and manage a library of reusable blueprint components, and organize orchestration, configuration, deployment and operation.

TOSCA Blueprint Orchestration

● SmartCMP blueprints are composed of different types of components to enable modeling of infrastructure and applications.

● SmartCMP blueprints use cloud-agnostic modeling concepts to support the orchestration of application architectures across mixed environments and multi-cloud scenarios, publishing to the service catalog while users applying as needed.

The unique scalability of the SmartCMP blueprint enables the blueprint orchestration to be extended to "any cloud service that supports APIs", achieving modeling,deployment, and management of any cloud service.

SmartCMP blueprints provide infrastructure as a code, enable powerful service modeling and orchestration capabilities, and provide a common approach to managing cloud applications and services, making “software defines everything” possible.

Blueprint Orchestration based on TOSCA specifications  

Define strategies for provisioning infrastructure and application resources

The platform's open interface is for users to configure application parameters and operations. Orchestration and configuration services have become a standardized resource and application delivery method, and users can edit and re-define predefined service configurations at any time.

● Integrate internal processes (for example: approval process / cloud service deployment process), and customize the fields that can be modified during approval / request.

● Configure cloud resource blueprint services, providing a standardized and universal interface. Users can quickly configure resource usage strategies, permissions, and parameters according to their needs.

Flexible definition of additional attribute parameters of cloud services through forms to achieve efficient delivery of personalized infrastructure, applications and IT services.

Service configuration

Ultimate control starts from here!

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