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Process Automation

Flexible customization process to meet different scenarios

● Service process design, specifying cloud resource automation deployment tasks and manual tasks, and the ways to transfer between tasks.

● Different types of approval process design, flexibly defining multi-level approval, parallel approval, conditional approval, etc.

Different processes can be set up on department level or individual service level to meet different scenario requirements.

Easily customize processes through a web-based designer to provide a rich, flexible, and service defining approach which follows the control requirements to your IT

Based on the international standard TOSCA model, SmartCMP provides powerful service modeling and orchestration capabilities, for automated end-to-end application deployment

Visualized orchestration, automated rapid deployment

● Visualized canvas for service orchestration anddesign, what you see is what you get.

● YAML-based TOSCA model, the ability to provide infrastructure as a code

● Set the installation sequence, dependencies, parameter passing, etc., and automate the deployment of the overall application.

Model once and set different configurations to meet different deployment requirements on different environments

Visualized Blueprint Orchestration

Cloud-agnostic components, automatic selection of multiple deployment strategies, automated delivery

A 100% cloud-agnostic component that builds a simple and standard service catalog and deploys blueprints for all cloud platforms managed

Blueprints provide cloud-agnostic components and design for standard services

● Multiple deployment strategies to automatically select the most suitable cloud platform

● Users apply for services on demand and receive automated delivery

Any Application to Any Cloud

Through the capabilities of XaaS, SmartCMP can not only provide various cloud resources in the form of self-service, but also achieve self-service and automated delivery of other IT resources

Apply on demand to meet diverse needs

XaaS not only includes cloud resource services such as infrastructure, application software, containers, and databases that we are familiar with, but also non-standardized services that require human intervention

IT manual request service: password reset, request for new printer, etc.

Event Processing: Submit an IT issue ticket

Application for infrastructure resources: apply for a new IP pool, apply for resource pool expansion, etc.

HRaaS: Open an account, apply for a e-mail address, create a new organizational structure, and more.


Ultimate control starts from here!
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